Chipotle to relocate headquarters from Denver to Southern California

DENVER — Fast-casual giant Chipotle will relocate its headquarters from Denver to Newport Beach, California. The chain announced the decision Wednesday.

“Functions of the current Denver office will be consolidated in Chipotle’s existing office in Columbus, Ohio or moved to the new headquarters in Newport Beach,” Chipotle said.

“We’ll always be proud of our Denver roots where we opened our first restaurant 25 years ago,” said Brian Niccol, Chipotle’s CEO. “The consolidation of offices and the move to California will help us drive sustainable grown while continuing to position us well in the competition for top talent.”

The transition will take place during the next six months. Chipotle’s New York operations will also relocate to Columbus and Newport Beach. Eventually, the Denver and New York offices will close entirely.

The move affects approximately 400 employees between the Denver and New York offices. The chain’s 70,000 field operations and restaurant employees will not be impacted.

Chipotle started in Denver in 1993 with a single restaurant near the University of Denver. Today, there are more than 2,400 Chipotles worldwide.

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