Duckling Rescue All in a Day’s Work for Colorado Springs Firefighters

Springs Firefighters

It wasn’t, in the words of Colorado Springs firefighters, what you would call your typical rescue.

But it did reunite seven ducklings trapped in a storm drain Saturday morning with their frantic mom.

Around 8 a.m., a woman called the Fire Department saying she was worried about a flock of baby ducks that went down a storm drain near Austin Bluffs Parkway and Nevada Avenue.

When firefighters arrived, they heard the mother duck squawking with two ducklings nearby.

Mike Guenter and fellow firefighters could tell that she was worried about the rest of her family. They opened manhole covers several feet from each other and inched their way toward the ducks.

Guenter crawled into a manhole near the storm drain with safety gear and quickly found seven scared ducklings. He picked them up and gave them to fellow firefighters Brian Koontz and Bryan Gurule as Lt. Rick Schmidt supervised the rescue.

“Even though they were ducklings, we made sure it was safe for us (to go inside the manhole),” Guenter said. “Once we saw it was safe, we went in and grabbed the ducklings.”

The flock was reunited at a nearby pond.

It was an unusual rescue, Guenter said, but he said the fire crew took it seriously because of the possible dangers of going into a manhole, including breathing in gas fumes and possible flash flooding.

“It’s not heroics by any stretch,” Guenter said, “but it’s not every day you rescue ducklings.”

Share this photoColorado Springs firefighter Mike Guenter hands over a duckling to a fellow firefighter. (Photo by Colorado Springs fire department.)

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