This Denver restaurant is home to Colorado’s best burrito

La Fuente in Denver serves up the best burrito in Colorado, according to Food & Wine magazine.

The restaurant at 3023 W. 44th St. is highlighted in the May feature, "The Best Burrito in All 50 States."

Here’s what Food & Wine has to say about the Berkeley mainstay:

Colorado loves a smothered burrito: Preferably one as big as its Mission-style counterpart, swimming in pork green chile that is such a favorite in the Southwest. La Fuente serves all its handheld burritos with the option of getting them smothered, so you can experience the best of both worlds no matter what your preference. While so many burrito spots go for quantity — local spot Jack-n-Grill is famous for its seven-pound challenge, for example— La Fuente delivers on quality of ingredients, so you never end up with a mouthful of potato. Get the smothered steak and beans burrito and thank us later

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