Treat Yourself to These Top Restaurants in Greeley Colorado

Greeley Colorado

Instead of going to Denver this time around, it is time to go to Greet CO and its 237 restaurants. Have you heard of Greeley? If not, you are going to be a little more familiar now. It is going to be so much fun, too, as your stomach is got to be treated to some delicious foods. When you find yourself in Greeley, Colorado, these three restaurants might be a good fit for a meal.

Lucky Fins is currently the top ranked establishment if you look at the restaurant rankings for Greeley on a top travel site. Lucky Find serves up tacos, sushi rolls, crab legs, seafood and all kinds of good stuff. That Greeley CO restaurant is going to be hard to beat. It is located on Centerplace Drive.

Greeley Chophouse is on 8th Street, and it is known for some great food. Since collard greens are on the menu, it tuned me in that this place might be known for a soul food menu. Salmon also makes the highlights, and you can also enjoy crab cakes, steaks and more. According to the reviews, this establishment has a 1930’s setting. How neat!

Taqueria Los Comales is on 14th Avenue, and it is next up. Tongue and tripe are on the menu highlights. If you are like me, you don’t want any but recognize the authenticity of the Mexican cuisine. Enjoy the tacos, salsa bar, quesadillas and so much more.

If you stop by Greeley CO, you are not without names of great restaurants. Have you picked a favorite out of the three? You have to try them out to really know, but which one is going to get your first visit? I am going with Lucky Fins for my pick out of the three, but each of them is a winner.

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